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Justice for a Preventable Fatal Accident

The loss of a loved due to the fault of another is incomprehensible. At the Law Offices of Tamara Kluger Jacobson, we extend our sympathies and a sincere desire to help. We aim to take on the burdens, pursuing justice and helping clients with related legal matters along the way. 


If a family member's death was written off as a fluke accident, or attributed to your loved one's own actions, you may have your doubts. Our attorneys are skilled at proving the negligence of others in order to compensate survivors for the financial and emotional loss.


Do You Have Grounds for a Lawsuit?
We handle motor vehicle fatalities, medical negligence deaths and other wrongful death actions in the Greater New Orleans area and southeast Louisiana. Contact us today.


Personal injury trial lawyer Tamara Kluger Jacobson has recovered compensation for grieving families in a wide range of wrongful death cases, including:


  • Auto accidents (collisions and rollovers)

  • Truck accidents (18-wheelers and commercial vehicles)

  • Motorcycle crashes

  • Premises liability (unsafe property)

  • Nursing home neglect (untreated medical conditions, falls, malnutrition)

  • Medical malpractice (surgery, medications, failure to diagnose)

  • Fire deaths and severe burns


To establish liability, we have the resources to conduct a prompt, professional investigation, including the hiring of human factors experts and accident reconstruction specialists who can testify to what happened and how it could have been prevented. We prepare every case with a jury in mind and we can and do take cases to trial, which have resulted in substantial recoveries by settlement or by verdict.


Compensation for Your Loss

A wrongful death lawsuit is for the survivors. We work closely with families to detail not only the loss of projected earnings but the less tangible damages for loss of love, companionship, support and contributions to family life. 

We work to identify all liable parties and all applicable damages. A survivor may be entitled to Lejeune damages if he or she witnessed the loved one's sudden and violent death. If the victim was alive for a significant time after the accident, the estate may seek compensation for the deceased's conscious pain and suffering.


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