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Falling Accidents and Other Unsafe Property Injuries

If you were injured by a hidden hazard or by the negligent actions of personnel at a place of business, you may have a personal injury claim for your losses. To be compensated , it is necessary to show that management could and should have prevented your accident.

The Law Offices of Tamara Kluger Jacobson have handled a wide range of premises liability cases, from slip-and-fall injuries to fatalities in elevators.

Contact us today for prompt response and aggressive pursuit of your compensation for a preventable safety hazard accident.


Accdidents happen if property owners are not vigilant about safety and maintenance of their properties. Here is just a sample of actual premises liability cases we have handled:

  • Falling merchandise (unstable stacking, employee gaffes)

  • Slip-and-fall accidents (spills, leaks, bad lighting, no rails)

  • Tripping accidents (cracked concrete, debris, code violations)

  • Failure to warn of drop-offs and other known hazards

  • Rotted construction (ceiling collapse, falling through floors)

  • Elevator accidents (falling down an empty shaft)

We have sued major retailers, as well as owners and property managers of restaurants, supermarkets, stores, malls, car washes, office buildings, apartment buildings and other properties. 

The injured party must prove that the owners created the dangerous condition, knew of it but failed to correct it, or should have known of it through regular inspection and maintenance.


Let us determine if you have grounds for a premises liability suit. Trial lawyer Tamara Kluger Jacobson has years of experience and notable results in personal injury and wrongful death litigation.


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