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Tractor Trailer and Commercial Vehicle Accidents

Often times injuries are more severe when a truck collides with a car than when two cars collide. Accidents involving tractor trailers can also be more complicated from a legal standpoint. You need a law firm with the experience and resources to handle these unique issues.

If you or a family member was involved in an accident with an 18-wheel tractor-trailer or other commercial vehicle, call the professionals at the Law Offices of Tamara Kluger Jacobson. Our team is committed to your full compensation.

Contact us today for prompt investigation and aggressive representation. We handle cases for motor vehicle accidents in New Orleans and throughout southeast Louisiana.

Trial Experience and Local Knowledge

We have handled accidents involving trucks and commercial vehicles on I-10, I-12, I-55, the Westbank Expressway, U.S. 90, the Greater New Orleans Bridge and almost all other highways of southeast Louisiana, including collisions with:


  • Tractor trailers

  • Delivery trucks

  • Utility trucks

  • Construction vehicles

  • Buses and shuttle vans

  • Trains


The owners of tractor trailers, fleet vehicles, and their insurance companies will fight to limit the payment of damages. Our team has the skill and the resources to take on these cases. The tractor, trailer and cargo may all be owned by separate parties. Our legal team will identify all liable parties in pursuit of any available compensation.  Because commercial insurance policies are usually larger than an average auto policy, the cases become more complex and the insurance company will usually spare no expense to protect their large policies.  


We work with engineers, accident reconstruction specialists and other professionals to investigate and if needed, testify in these expert-heavy cases. Our local knowledge of the notoriously dangerous roads and traffic patterns gives us an advantage over the trucking company's out-of-town "hired guns." 


Many of the adjusters and insurance defense attorneys have dealt with us before or know us by reputation. They know that we carefully screen and thoroughly prepare our cases, and that we will go to trial. They are familiar with our years of work in personal injury and wrongful death litigation.


We invest the time and money in truck accident cases to recover full damages for clients who have suffered devastating injuries or lost a loved one. 


Free consultation: call 504-822-2136 

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