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Holding Medical Professionals Accountable for Negligence


When doctors, nurses and pharmacists make mistakes, the results can be devastating. However, medical malpractice is costly to litigate and hard to prove. For many patients who suffered lasting harm or families who lost a loved one, justice is difficult to obtain.

At the Law Offices of Tamara Kluger Jacobson, we have the experience and financial resources to level the playing field. We have held physicians, hospitals and pharmacies accountable for medical malpractice and medical negligence.

Free Malpractice Case Evaluation.

Contact us today if you suspect medical malpractice in your care or the adverse outcome or death of a family member. We practice in New Orleans and southeast Louisiana.


Medical professionals must be held to the standards of their profession. Our job in a medical malpractice lawsuit is to demonstrate how that standard of care was breached. We have handled a wide range of medical negligence cases:


  • Birth injury — brain damage (cerebral palsy), nerve damage (Erb's palsy)

  • Death during childbirth (baby or mother)

  • Surgery errors — wrongful amputation, perforated organs, severed nerves

  • Post-surgical complications: infections, bowel obstruction, hemorrhage

  • Disfigurement from botched cosmetic surgery

  • Misdiagnosis of cancer

  • Failure to diagnose acute conditions — heart attack, blood clots, internal bleeding

  • Medication errors — wrong prescription, wrong dosage, contraindications


Our team routinely works with nursing experts and physicians in various medical disciplines who can review the records and testify to the negligence. The insurance companies are familiar with our record of verdicts and settlements and know that we will take cases to trial. 


If you think a doctor's error or other medical personnel's negligence could have been prevented, you should have your case reviewed.  

We take care of our clients throughout the process of a medical malpractice suit. You can always reach us for questions and for assistance with related legal and insurance issues. 


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