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I first met Tamara while working on the White House Staff and got to know her better while working for the State of Louisiana. Tamara is a brilliant attorney and a passionate advocate. Compassionate, but tough as nails. In any fight, you could ask for anyone better to have in your corner. Following her on Facebook over the years, I've admired how well she balances career and family. Her sterling character, high ethical standards, and dedicated professionalism shine like a beacon in the night. If you have a case you can't afford to lose, hire Tamara Jacobson. She's a winner!See More"


William Allerton 



Tamara represented me at a very distressing time in my life after I suffered a minor traumatic brain injury due to negligence by a New Orleans business. I was not a US citizen which complicated the situation. Tamara went above and beyond to assist me with expert medical attention and she took diligent measures to demonstrate the legal merits of case. She negotiated a good settlement that prevented me from what would have been a lengthy and draining court case. Tamara is a skilled and expert lawyer and I would not hesitate to use her again should the need arise.See More"


Shyrl Kennedy 



I have known Tamara for about 20 years, Her mother-in-law and I are friends. She has always been a delightful person on a social level, and has become a very successful attorney, very respected in her field by her peers and any one who meets her.  

Last but not least Tamara is a fantastic mother to her two sons she also loves her dogs!!!!!!

Tamara is an extremely bright and caring person who gives 110% in any task set before her."


Muriel Cassibry 



Rose Panzarella:

Tamara Jacobson is an exceptional personal injury attorney. As a trial attorney she will always stand out above the rest. She will always act in the best interest of her clients. She is nothing less than 100% professional, but most importantly an attorney with a heart of gold. She is honest, trustworthy, and you can rest assure you have a true friend fighting for you."





Kelly Loisel 



I have worked closely with Tamara for several years and continue to be impressed with her attention to detail and efficiency in handling cases. She is highly knowledgeable in her field and strategizes endlessly to provide the best possible outcome for her clients. She is personable, well-liked, and greatly respected among her peers. I would recommend her to anyone."




Diane Cooke 

Tamara is the attorney you want on your side! Having this professional, personable and incredibly talented individual fighting for you is an educated bet that you'll leave the courtroom the victor! I wouldn't take a chance with any other attorney- "been there- done that" and learned my lesson! Tamara is THE ONLY personal injury attorney for our family!"





Bubba Urdan



I deal with Lawyers in my business and No one is as thorough or understanding of my situation as Tamara Jacobson! Tamara makes me feel like I am the only one that matters when we are discussing business. Responsive, Attention to detail and Successful! Tamara Jacobson is who I choose to handle my affairs when needed."






Sandy Levy 

Tamara does it all. She is an outstanding lawyer, mother, friend, and social activist. She is dedicated and hard working as a lawyer and she also volunteers her time for charitable causes. She has been recognized for her outstanding service. I would highly recommend Tamara."





Sandra Cosby 

One of the best personal injury attorneys I know and this is from a defense attorney who has gone up against her. Smart, a great trial attorney and totally honest. If I had a need for an attorney Tamara would be at the top of my list."





Patrick Moore 

As Tamara's opponent in a few cases over the years, I would never hesitate to recommend her to anyone needing an excellent personal injury attorney. She's shrewd and smart, she works hard and best of all, she's got class."





Dawn Theisen 

I would highly recommend Tamara Kluger Jacobson if you need a personal injury attorney. She brings experience, talent, honesty and aggressiveness to the table. She will look out for your best interest!"





Shelly Trumbaturi 

If you need an attorney who is honest, takes a personal interest in YOU as well as your case and has the trial experience to get you the justice you deserve, then I recommend @[567218596:2048:Tamara Kluger Jacobson]."





Lorraine Mcinnis 

Another recommendation from a defense lawyer who has had occasion to work cases with Tamara. Extremely capable, but more importantly, true to her word. I would recommend her without hesitation."






Robert Harvey



Mrs. Jacobson has helped with a variety of legal services and has done so efficiently and with enthusiasm. She has been a pleasure to do business with. Thank you for always being there for me!"






Christina Panzarella 

Tamara Jacobson is smart, aggresive, talented and one heck of a trial lawyer. If you need a personal injury attorney then you need to call Tamara Jacobson. She will do a great job for you."





Mary Pugh 



Have known Tamara for years as a dedicated hardworking professional and an all around great person. I would trust her to handle any case I gave to her with the utmost integrity and skill."




Brian Katz 



Tamara is an excellent attorney. I have seen her advocate for her clients in Court and highly recommend her. She is well-prepared, articulate and compassionate about her clients."





Brad Gottsegen 



Ms. Jacobson is very honest, intelligent, and trustworthy. She has been of great help to me and my family, and I would recommend her to anyone in need of legal assistance."




Sylvie Payant 



" I know Tamara Kluger Jacobson since many years. She is a very smart and professional young woman. she's a sound worker. But most of all, Tamara is a very humane person."




Hilary Freeman 

Tamara is one of the best people I know. She will go to bat for you and puts 110% into everything she does. She is completely trustworthy and a consummate professional."




Wendy Buhler 

Tamara is an outstanding attorney. She is extremely dedication and I love her positive attitude. I consider it a huge priviledge and blessing to have her on my side."




Kenya Brooks 



Tamara Jacobson is an amazing attorney. She is extremely knowledgeable, more than proficient, and results oriented. I recommend her highly to anyone!!!"




Pete Abut 



I've known Tamara for many years. She's an experienced attorney with high integrity. She can be relied upon to offer excellent sound advice."




Beth Harvey 

Tamara is a smart and talented attorney. She's personable and knows her stuff! Not someone the opposition looks forward to dealing with."





Dr'leah Hunter Raby 

Commissioner Tamara Kluger Jacobson values fairness and impartiality; highly recommended and dedicated."




Mindy Brickman 

Tamara is a talented lawyer with excellent judgment and a strong work ethic. I give her my highest recommendation."




Linda Gerstley 

Tamara Jacobson is incredibly smart, talented and capable and she gets the job done. Also, she is very funny."





La'shon Black 

I recommend Tamara Kluger Jacobson because she is fair, trustworthy, and very professional."




Gail Renard 

I wholeheartedly recommend Tamara Jacobson for her wisdom and knowledge of the law not to mention kindness."




Joey Tumminello 

Tamara is the ultimate professional and ethical attorney. I would recommend her services to anyone proudly."




Julianne Korn 

Tamara is a bright, highly energetic person. Her professionalism is top-notch. I highly recommend Tamara!"





Simmy Barrocas 

I have known Tamara since we were freshman in college and she is a bright, caring woman who seeks justice!"




Ranord Darensburg 

Tamara has been a professional friend and colleague for many years. She has my highest recommendation."





Gary Wiener 

Tamara is extremely talented and gifted, plus she's as hardworking as they come. Highly recommended."




Cathy Gitter 

Tamara Jacobson is a smart and talented attorney. I want her on my team to settle any legal matter!"




Dorothy Lobel 

Tamara is a wonderful person, very caring and most professional. I would certainly recommend her."




Frances Fayard 

Tamara is a smart and conscientious lawyer and is a tireless advocate for her clients."




Michelle Pake 

I agree with everything Simmy said and know you want Tamara fighting on your side!"




Johnny Pagan 

Please see this sight if you want something properly established with confidence."




Brooke Weiss 



Mrs. Jacobson is the ultimate professional and very an excellent attorney."




Elaine Milman 

Tamara is a trustworthy, honorable and dedicated attorney."




Johanna Schmidt 

I ditto what Christina said. Tamara will not dissappoint."




 Joel Gordon 

I would highly recomend Tamara. There is no one better!"




Lee Sands 

If you in it to win it then your only option is Tamara."




Sabina Holtzman 

This is one person who is driven to get things done!"




Lara Balser 

Tamara is a professional, caring person!"




Debbie Schlackman 

I highly recommend Tamara!"



Lane Schaffer 

Two thumbs up!"

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