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Motorcycle Accidents


A personal injury claim often comes down to a battle with the insurance companies, especially in cases of catastrophic injuries or when there is a fatality. Our team conducts a thorough investigation if liability is disputed. We work with accident reconstruction experts and other professionals as necessary to show that the opposing driver was to blame.

We know that motorcycle wrecks typically cause serious or permanent injuries such as:


*spinal cord injury (paralysis)

*head trauma (brain injury)

*back and neck injuries

*broken bones


*road rash


We make sure that our clients have access to quality medical care and we closely monitor medical treatment to gauge the extent of injury and the prognosis for recovery.

Our lawyers have obtained notable recoveries in motorcycle injury and wrongful death cases, and the insurance companies know that we are not looking for the easy recovery but for justice. We detail the full losses and needs of our client and the family, and we have the financial means and the courtroom skills to take cases to trial when necessary. 


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