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Auto Accidents

We have handled nearly every imaginable type of motor vehcile accident:


* rear-end

* intersection collisions

* rollovers

* car-truck collisions

* car-motorcycle collisions

* streetcar

* bus accidents

* bicyclists and pedestrians struck by cars.


The first order of business is to establish causation if there is any question about who was at fault for the crash.


We work with investigators to obtain witness statements and gather evidence from the crash site. If necessary, we have the means to hire accident reconstruction specialists and other experts to prove liability.


We work closely with clients to monitor medical treatment, the extent of injury, and any future needs. We can work with clients to ensure that they have access to medical specialists to for any necessary care, and often call doctors, physical therapists and other medical experts to testify in support of our comprehensive claim for damages.


The insurance companies are familiar with our work ethic, prior verdicts, and settlements. They know that we have done our homework and that our team is not afraid to bring cases to trial in pursuit of justice for our clients.


Call 504-822-2136. We offer a free consultation, including home or hospital visits. 

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